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We make market researches, publish interviews with key persons of the franchising market, make reviews and shape opinions, collect data and conduct analytics. is the only one professional website in Russia that is completely dedicated to franchising. provides a daily updated news feed, interviews with key persons of the Russian and international franchising market, reviews and opinions, figures and analytics. in figures
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Unique project by BUYBRAND
Franchise quotation by Buybrand – unique, independent and constantly updated rating, which shows the current status of the Russian franchising market in dynamics.

Rating position of a franchise depends on total rate, which is calculated using the author's algorithm that takes into account > 50 significant indicators that are collected from different sources including information from franchisor, his franchisee, federal register and other federal informational resources. A total rate takes into account the franchisor's openness in providing information. This rating is updating daily and as new inforamtion is added to it.

A user has an opportunity to create his/her own screen view and compare franchises by their types of activity, their operating time and their investment volume. Also a user can monitor changes in these parameters over time, track the development of certain indicators of each franchise. One can observe the trends of the franchising market general and its seperate players in particular.

Franchise quotation doesn't have analogues and it is the author's development of EMTG team.
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